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Divorce, Custody, Support, Visitation

When you have a divorce or family law matter, you need talented professional family law attorneys by your side. Our legal expertise helps clients resolve divorce, separation, child custody, and other related family law issues. Unparalleled dedication to your case, coupled with a steadfast determination to secure the most favorable outcome.


Divorce mediation is an option for couples who wish to obtain an amicable separation or divorce without hiring their own individual opposing attorneys. 

With the assistance of Ms. Curti (a trained mediator), spouses fairly and efficiently resolve all their legal and financial obligations (equitable distribution, maintenance, child support) towards one another as well as all parenting matters involving the welfare and best interests of their children (custody and parenting time).  Ms. Curti is able to clearly explain the law in New York so that both parties can navigate the difficult experience of separating with knowledge and without the need for Court intervention.


Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Car Accidents, Slip & Falls, Property Disputes

Personal injuries can happen to anyone at any time: car accidents, slips and falls, assaults – you name it.  When you or a loved one are injured, including wrongful death, Mr. Orsetti can assist you to obtain the maximum benefits you are entitled to under the law.


Many other miscellaneous matters, such as property disputes between neighbors or various other disagreements, can be stressful.  Let Mr. Orsetti explain your rights to you and give you options for how to handle these matters.


Probate & Administration of Estates

All of us, at any age and in any walk of life, should have proper estate planning done to ensure our wishes are carried out upon our deaths.  Creative and innovative estate planning is essential, and we always ensure our clients’ planning is tailor made specifically for them.


When a loved one passes away, our Firm then handles the probate of the Estate from soup to nuts, explaining the process and ensuring the smoothest transition to avoid additional stress upon you.  If your loved one passed away with no Will and no estate planning, we can also handle the administration of the Estate in a similar way.


Buying or selling a home or business?  Need a Lease or want one reviewed?  Let us explain the process to you and put your mind at ease on what can be a very stressful endeavor.  We want you to be happy at the end and see it was all worth it!

Real Estate & Business Closings, Property Disputes, Corporate Formation & Dissolution, Leases


DWI/DUI, Misdemeanor & Felony, Drug Offenses, Theft

Ran a red light?  Pulled over for speeding?  Driving without a license or registration?  We’ve all been there.  Contact our office and we can navigate through the process for you.  Most times, you do not even need to appear in Court, and we can go on your behalf to get it taken care of.

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